Top 10 Tips on International Flight Booking to Get the Best Deals on Your Upcoming Trip!

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In this article, we’ll share our top 10 tips for booking international flights. From hidden fees to flexible travel dates, we’ll help you navigate the world of international flight booking to find the best deals and savings. 

So get ready to pack your bags and fly off to your dream destination without emptying your wallet!

Best and Effective Tips for International Flight Booking

Booking international flights can be a costly and expensive affair but with our tips and tricks, you can get exciting deals and offers on tickets. So, here are some ways you can save on your travel expenses.

  • Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates: If you want to save money on international flights, being flexible with your travel dates is key. Booking your flights during off-peak seasons or weekdays can result in significant discounts. Most travel websites and airlines offer special deals for travellers who can flexibly adjust their travel dates. So, by watching out for these deals and being willing to change your travel plans accordingly, you can take advantage of some of the best international flight deals available.
  • Compare Prices of International Flights on Different Booking Websites: When it comes to international flight booking, it’s essential to browse through multiple platforms to ensure you’re getting the best possible ticket price. By searching on different platforms, you can compare airfares and find various offers you wouldn’t have access to if you only used one site. Besides, some international flight booking websites may have limited flight options or may not display certain airlines, so checking several platforms increases your chances of finding the most convenient and affordable flights as per your preferred travel dates and destination. Trusted websites like Bookviaus can give you a great deal on your flight booking and an accurate comparison of airline tickets. So, take advantage of the competitive market and explore different booking options to get the best value for your money.
  • Book Your Flight Early: Booking an international flight in advance can yield significant cost savings and help you find the most attractive deals. Airlines generally offer lower prices for bookings made several months ahead. So, it’s best to start searching for flights as soon as you have decided on your travel dates. You can even set price alerts on flight booking websites to receive notifications when airfares decrease, making it easier to track the most favorable offers.
  • Look for Discounts on Specific Payment Methods: Some airlines and travel booking websites offer discounts on various payment methods. If you pay for the flight ticket with a specific bank’s credit card or debit card, UPI, you get a discount. On different booking platforms, you’ll find various payment options with offers and conditions. However, understand all the terms and conditions associated with the offer before you avail of it, and review the fees or restrictions that may apply.
  • Check for Hidden Fees: It is essential to be aware of potential hidden fees in international flight booking. Various airlines charge additional fees for services such as checked baggage, seat selection, or in-flight meals, which can significantly increase the overall cost of your ticket. Therefore, reading the fine print and understanding all the expenses associated with your booking is crucial. Browsing through flight booking websites can be a helpful resource for comparing different airlines and their amenities to find the right international flight for your travel needs.
  • Consider Connecting Flights: When searching on international flight booking websites, don’t limit yourself to direct flights only. Connecting flights may take longer, but they are often cheaper. So, if you can spare some time, book tickets for connecting flights than direct flights. Remember that if you have a long layover, you can even use that time to explore the respective city.
  • Consider Booking One-Way Flights to Nearby Cities: If you are willing to travel a bit farther to reach your destination, you can book a cheap flight to some nearby city’s airport and save money. For example, if you are flying to Melbourne, consider booking a one-way flight to a nearby city like Sydney or Tullamarine and taking a train or bus to your final destination. It can be a great way to make savings on your international travel.
  • Sign up for Airline Newsletters: Subscribing to airline newsletters can be a great way to stay informed about the latest deals and discounts on international flights. Many airlines offer exclusive promotions and discounted fares to their subscribers. You will receive regular updates and notifications on their sales and special offers, making it easier to find affordable fares for your next international trip. So, whether you’re a frequent flier or just looking for a good flight deal, signing up for airline newsletters can help you save significant money.
  • Opt for red-eye flight: Flying at midnight is a great tip for unlocking the best offers on international flight booking. Airlines typically release their cheapest fares around midnight, so you can grab a great deal by booking your flights during this time.

Be Patient and Persistent: To book cheap flight tickets, it is essential to maintain patience and persistence. Finding the ideal flight at an affordable price requires time and effort. But careful planning and the right strategies tend to increase the likelihood of your success, allowing you to enjoy your international travel to the fullest.


You must thoroughly research and carefully plan to find the best deals on international flight booking. Following the 10 tips outlined in the article can save significant money on your airfare and maximize your travel experience. With patience, flexibility, and access to reliable travel booking websites like, anyone can now find great deals on international flights.


Booking your international flights early is recommended, as most airlines offer lower prices for tickets booked several months in advance. While attractive last-minute deals can sometimes be found, they are often unpredictable and may not be available for your preferred travel dates.

Consider packing light food and only bringing a carry-on bag to save money on your baggage fees. You can also look for airlines that offer free checked bags or discounts for advance baggage payments.

While third-party booking sites offer great deals on international flights, there are a few things to consider. These sites may have hidden fees or cancellation policies and not always provide the same level of customer support. So, always read the fine print and research the reliability of the website before booking your international flight.

It depends on the country you are travelling to and your nationality. You should check the visa requirements of your destination country before booking the flight to ensure that you have the necessary documents.

When comparing international flight booking websites, look for those offering a user-friendly interface, a wide range of flight options, and competitive pricing. Also, consider the website's customer support and cancellation policies. Bookviaus is a good place to start; our 24/7 customer service and splendid deals will surely give you what you want.

Yes, you can usually change your international flight post-booking, but it may come with an additional fee or fare difference depending on the booking site's policies. Read the terms and conditions before booking the ticket and know the change and cancellation policies.

Yes, there may be additional fees levied on international flight booking. Some airlines charge extra fees for baggage, seat selection, and meals, among other things. Also, some countries require travellers to pay a departure tax or tourist fee upon leaving the country. Thus, it's vital to read the fine print and learn about the costs associated with your international flight before booking to avoid any later surprises.

Both options have their pros and cons. Booking directly with the airline can give you more control over your booking and access to any rewards programs or perks the airline offers. On the other hand, third-party websites offer lower prices and more flexible booking options. But it's essential to be cautious when booking through third-party websites and ensure the platform is reputable and reliable.

Economy class is the most basic and affordable option for air travel. It typically includes a standard seat, a basic meal, and limited services. Business class offers ample space, comfort, and amenities like lie-flat seats, enhanced meals, and airport lounges. First-class is the most luxurious and expensive option, offering private suites, gourmet meals, and personalized entertainment options.